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12:52 on 30 May 2014 by Unknown
24th May Ardleigh Green CC Match Report.

After a fantastic victory the week before, we turned up to Ardleigh Green in extremely high spirits. With heavy rain over night and further due, the game was half an hour late in starting, but Robbins won the toss and stuck Ardleigh Green in to have a bat.

With conditions extremely damp, with all bowlers struggling to stand up when bowling, it was always ...going to be a tough afternoon. Some somewhat edgy batting lead to numerous balls falling agonisingly in gaps, and a couple of drop catches being put down in the slippery conditions. One in particular being printed in the Local press provided some humour for all local cricket fans. Robbins took the only wicket to fall, a somewhat questionable leave from the left handed opener resulted in his off stump being cartwheeled!! Shortly after this breakthrough, the heavens opened and the covers were on. With an early tea taken (not the best) the rain carried on, and both captains and umpires agreed that staring at the rainfall for another 2 hours would be silly so hands were shaken and it was off back to south church park to watch the 2s. 6 points, so a disappointing afternoon.

The 2s put in a very spirited performance against Hornchurch who they had 9 down at the end of play but couldn't quite get a cross the line.

The only positive to come out of the trip to Ardleigh was that Numan Khan finally got his pair of shorts he'd been moaning about, only to then moan that the mediums he had ordered were too small. Who was he kidding thinking he could squeeze into a medium.

Wickford away next week for the first local derby of the season.