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09:28 on 07 Jul 2015 by Chris
As you're probably aware, some significant drainage has work been undertaken at Southchurch Park by the council. It has involved digging trenches at regular intervals across the whole field. It has left the state of the outfield, in many areas, in a substandard condition for playing cricket.

Our committee, along with the committee at Old Southendians, are working very hard with the council to improve and rectify the situation as soon as possible. The council have committed continuously fill the trenches where the soil sinks. They have already seeded all of the trenches with quick growing grass seed and promised to irrigate the trenches regularly in order to return the outfield to a suitable state in the minimum time. While we will be monitoring their progress and pushing where required, there is a limited amount we can actually do at this time.

The work was undertaken by the council with minimum notice and no consultation with either Southend on Sea & EMT or Old Southendians. It leaves us in a position where getting the park back up to scratch is our main priority after which, we'll follow up with the council how we can proceed to work with them in the future.

I will report back with any further developments.

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